Friday, October 3, 2008


The members of the TN LC are here in Huntsville, AL along with Brad, Justin, and Hall.  Brad started the day by introducing the DEN gang to the 20 or so educators that are here.  Then it was time for Tim and me to take the stage.  

The teachers that are here are a much more tech savvy group then I expected, so our plan was slightly changed.  We were going to do an introduction to DE Streaming, which we did, but we got to expand on it quite a bit!  Tim did a great job explaining the advanced search function and how to set up your own personal settings on the DE Streaming homepage.  Then we moved to the Builders, which is nearly always overlooked!  The teachers were amazed with what could be done there. As always the favorite function of the Builders was the non-grading that teachers need to do.  Create a quiz and let the kiddos take it on the computer.  As long as the quiz is created with multiple choice and or true false, the quiz is graded for you! WOOT!  

After our morning session we were treated to an off-site event.  Off to the Huntsville Space Center!  We enjoyed lunch from Panera and fun!  We enjoyed some great rides--will post some great video of that later--and some wonderful learning at the center.

Now were back at the conference center.  Brad just finished his preso on PowerPoint and Justin is moving on to Digital Storytelling.  More to come later!

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