Sunday, September 6, 2009


Life is all about changes and new beginnings, at least that is what I have always been taught. This year it has been no different. I am about to embark on a something new. I am excited and yet the change is somewhat sad and scary. As I emptied my classroom out I began to question myself. Am I doing the right thing? Will this be the challenge and change that I am looking for? Only time will tell.

My new position is as a co-teaching coach. The title in and of itself is confusing to many people, so I have simply started calling myself and instructional coach. My job is to work with two educators in one classroom, one being special-education certified and the other general education. Teachers have always used or had inclusive classrooms, but Knox County is trying to move beyond that and utilize co-teaching strategies. This is where both teachers assume the same roles and responsibilities for ALL children in the classroom. It is a new approach for most of the teachers in our district, so eleven coaches have been hired to assist in easing the transition.

I have two years to decide if this is right for me. The position is funded through the stimulus funds provided by the Obama administration. After two years the county may or may not decide to fund the positions again. If they do and I like it I am all set. If I decide to go back to the classroom I can do that as well. Now, only time will tell!

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